Need Auto Help? Call for Local Towing in Surrey

You pull out of the used car lot, pleased with the good deal you got on your new car. As you look in a nearby building's window, you note the car's sleek design, free from the dings and scrapes your last vehicle had. While the previous owner mentioned you'll have to replace the radiator hose soon, you continue to drive for a few days since you only have time to drop it off for repairs on the weekend.

But after work on Friday, it happens. The car overheats while you idle in the parking garage. You may think that Surrey's local towing professionals can't reach you there, but Roadway Towing Ltd has the light-duty trucks to help you nearly anywhere.

We Can Help You, Regardless of Location
Whether you overheat in a parking garage or break down on a country road, Roadway Towing Ltd can help you. Our light-duty wreckers can go anywhere your vehicle can.

We understand that automotive problems strike at the most inconvenient times. That why we extended our hours from the standard 9-5. We provide a 24-hour dispatch line you can call for emergency services so you can get the help you need when you need it.

We Can Help Without Hurting Your Vehicle
When your new car breaks down, you might be worried about damage during transport. We equip our drivers will all the tools they need to transport your car with care. Because of that, we can get your vehicle to your home or the repair shop, all without further damage to your vehicle.

Contact Us
If you need local towing in Surrey, don't hesitate to call. You can reach our office at 604-940-0329, or call our 24-hour dispatch at 604-591-3992.